Sunag Engineering Pvt. Ltd. was promoted by a technocrat in association with three more professionals and was registered as a Pvt. Ltd. Co. in February, 1998 with Head Office at Kolkata. Initially there were eight persons working in the Company which has grown to more than 30 of various engineering discipline within a decade to cater Industrial project services .

Initially the company started with representation of reputed foreign principals like Sarclad International, UK, EFCO of USA, Mart Corporation of USA, Taylor Winfield Corporation of USA, Kohler Corporation of USA and Danieli Wean United of Italy for marketing of their products and services.

Subsequently the company diversified its activities and extended into the field of engineering, procurement and construction of plant & equipment on turnkey basis and secured and executed such projects in Integrated Steel Plants & Indian Railways.

As a natural corollary to selling EDT Roll Texturing machine to Cold Rolling Mills, the company started manufacturing and supplying the consumable electrodes as per stringent specifications of OEM

The company has also undertaken in-house research and development the result of which culminated in designing and supplying Lime Grinding and Fluidisation Plant to JSW at Toranagallu near Bangalore. As a corollary to this grinding plant the company has developed the grinding process for CaC2 which is used in a big way in integrated steel plants for desulphurising hot metal. The company has designed the complete plant & equipment, buildings and foundation and installed it for Almamet Reagents (India) Pvt. Ltd. Till this time there used to be only one player to supply ground carbide on a monopoly basis in India, setting up and operating the CaC2 grinding plant at Bhilai has broken the monopoly and the Indian customers are benefited by reduced prices of ground carbide.

Engineering meets Solution
Lime Grinding & Fluidizing Plant in JSW- Toranagallu
CaC2 Grinding Plant – Bhillai